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You Happen After Life Happens

I first happened upon the phrase, “life happens” from the narrative of a John Grisham novel I read a long time ago. It so aptly captured the point he was trying to pass across that it began to repeatedly pop up in my head without any effort of my will. Not long after, another phrase that meant the exact same thing became the new buzzword. All over social media and even in conversations in real time, people were saying, “shit happens” as a way to express the unexpected askew-ness that is inherent everyday life: in our well-laid plans and aspirations. So let me paint the picture clearly:

ImageOk, so that’s obviously the joke edition (lol!) of what it truly means for shit to happen, or as I prefer it, for life to happen. Life happened to me a lot in 2013. For instance, I decided to become serious with my writing. Those who know me closely know that I am a “runaway writer”: I get excited about writing and come up with nice stories and approvals from my inner circle, but before you know it, I’ve zoned out again, hibernating for my next temporary writing indulgence. Sometimes, it’s the disappointments along the way that make me like that—and trust me, in 2013, I had my fair share of disappointments. Before this “fair share” occurred, I had figured earlier in the year the perfect way to stay committed: I said to myself, “Linda, perhaps if you started writing for a wider audience, you would feel more responsible to them to keep up with your writing.” It was a eureka moment for me and I delved into creating this blog with all the thrill of a trip to the Bahamas. Alas, life happened and my well-laid writing aspirations wilted. The rest, they say, is history.

So let me get down to it. First, my apologies go to those who kept asking for the next delivery of my rare scripted potpourri and didn’t see that happen: I hope this titillates your reading desires, at least. It’s a new year and who knows it just might be a new me.


The writer of this blog is a work in progress..

Second, I am writing to all of you to whom life also happened in 2013. Things did not go as planned, I imagine. But no matter what it was (and I shudder to sound like a motivational speaker now because I know you’ve heard this countless times), it’s NO REASON to give up (well, except you are interfering with the lives of others. In that case, please give up because they have their own plans!). Otherwise, do not, like me, hide under the excuse that life is happening… In reality, it is you happening to life because all those bits of discomfort hurled at you are shaping you to bloom into a positive entity that for the life of you, you could never have comprehended.


Yeah, you heard me. Don’t give up!

Right now, I’m not gonna pretend like I’ll be faithful to this blog, but I’ll try. However, one thing I know is that if I leave it off again, I promise to come back to my senses and continue; that much I owe myself because I know that it’ll do me good in my future. After all, remember, only practice makes perfect, and winners never quit. You are about to happen.

Salude to a new year!!!


Errr… salude means cheers in Spanish. *wink*

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Meet Mr, miss and Mrs Stubborn


I’ve always had grand ideas about my life- about the cars I would like to drive, the businesses I would own and of course the people I would like to meet someday. On most days, these imaginative expeditions can be all the bliss and liberation I would ever know. On other days, set against the grand canvass of everyday living, all that aspiration and ambition can seem like the most senseless endeavour to ever be undertaken by the human spirit. So, for more than the umpteenth time, I have chided that imaginative stubbornness on the inside of me to accept the facts, and to you know, understand that I cannot stretch beyond myself in the pursuit of attaining these “dreams”. Besides, I remind myself, contentment is virtue. The sooner I accept my lot in life and ride with the flow, the better. But while a part of me is so cowardly to merely think beyond the starkness of my circumstances, there’s always that other part of me whose only hobby, nay, purpose is to goad me into embracing a higher goal and a fulfilled me. It’s uncanny, the determination of this part. And sometimes when I really think of it, I’m glad that all of me has not given up on me.

Yes, that’s an uplifting thought. For how else would we scale the ramparts of our imperfections, overcome the fortresses of our inabilities and confront those stark, gnawing and choking reminders of our insufficiency?  You see, all of these imperfections, inabilities and insufficiency are meant to be surmounted by none other than us! On the other side of them lie perfection, ability and sufficiency. To be content with anything else is to shut our ear against the other part of us that can help us make the transition. A fact I have gleaned from experience is that contentment is no virtue if it is at the expense of excellence, of achievement and purpose.

This blog- my opening blog post- is dedicated to the plethora of us for whom it has taken a while to discover that there is nothing but a thin line between reality and future; between complacence and ambition; between vice and virtue. For if we are plagued with the routine of hiding behind virtue to hide our own inner virtue, then virtue has become vain; it has donned the debasing garments of vice. For, hear me, your future is not just time-bound, it is virtue-bound. Virtue only begets virtue.

Virtuous. Yes, it is to you I refer. It is that imaginative stubbornness on your inside that I refer to. It is that relentless, irksome prattler that tells you to do all the things that you not only want to do, but actually have the ability to do. Do not deny your virtue. No human should toy with such great disservice and maltreatment of the human spirit. If you have, you can forgive yourself like I did and give yourself some respect. So go ahead and purchase that form. Register for that course. Write that exam. Sing that note. Stand for your principles. Acknowledge your intelligence. Dream those dreams. Be punctual. Talk to that person… I could go on! What’s the point however? I’m talking to all of us. You see, we’re all virtuous after all. Oh, but we’re not clinching to one virtue at the expense of all the virtue we’re brimming with. Rather, we embrace our virtue. We launch out into the deep. We love and we hope and we have faith. We finally allow it dawn on us that stubbornness, when it’s from our inside, is no vice at all. Stubbornness is virtue.

So give stubbornness a chance. Say hello to virtue. When you do, guess what? You have stumbled upon yourself. You discover that in the voice of your stubborn imagination is the unfamiliar you struggling to survive in the fight for self-fulfillment and self-significance. So don’t just look into the mirror to know yourself. Rather, look inside and meet yourself; meet Mr., miss or Mrs. Stubbornness.

This blog is the seed-child of my virtue; of my stubbornness. I’m sure you recognize it because we are birds of a feather: stubbornly virtuous! Now why don’t you stubbornly stay glued to this blog for more of my valuable, rare ‘scripted potpourri’?




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